Challenge Your Mind at Photo Factory Learning Lab!

At Photo Factory Learning Lab, you will be taught by extremely qualified personel with many years of experience.


Here are some of the reasons that set us apart:

  • No level of photography is too large or too small. We will customize instructions for your needs. Please contact us with your class suggestions.
  • You benefit from our hands on instructional approach which will sharpen your photographic skills. Building your confidence by empowering you with knowledge is our main goal.
  • Our classes intend to provide you with the real-world knowledge it takes to pursue your professional dreams.
  • Quality photography generaly demands higher fees. If you are looking for employment, considering charging for your services or raising your existing fees, we want to help. Photo Factory Learning Lab thrives on the opportunity to help educate you with the information and skills to follow your career path.


Which instruction is right for you?

We are proud of our work at Photo Factory Learning Lab. To find out why, visit us, or call to schedule an introduction meeting.