Essential Camera Functions

This hands on instruction teaches you the reasons for most functions of your camera. Have you ever wondered why some features of your camera seemingly have no usable purpose or even repeditive functions? You will be amazed with the capabilities at your disposal and realize the creative possibilities on future photographic outings when you have knowledge of you camera's features. We simplify the learning curve with easy to understand methods, demonstrations on each function and hands on interaction. Don't settle for the recent adage of "It's good enough". We help take the mystery out of your camera settings. Experence the thrill of being a better photographer and empower yourself over your equipment.


       Topics include:

  • Time value/Shutter speed function (focal plane shutters)
  • Aperature value/f-stop function (depth of field)
  • ISO options
  • Manual function
  • Preset functions


Class duration 3 Weekly Session = 6 hours
Sesson duration 2 hours
Class size 8 max.
Prerequisites Bring a 35mm multifunction camera and its manual, and a small tripod
 Location 9608 Regal Lane - Okla. City, OK 73162
 Fee $198