Essentials of Photography (300 Series): Creating and styling shots should be a breeze when you master the photographic princples we cover in this series.

This instruction gives you a commanding knowledge of light and teaches the proper use of cutting edge tools and technology. Have you ever wondered why some images don't have the clarity and color you expected? Set yourself apart by producing perfect files evey time, even in the worst mixed light conditions. A great file is the product of exact exposure and critical white balance. We simplify the learning curve with easy to understand methods, demonstrations on each subject  and hands on interaction. Fast paced and in your face, this is not for the faint of heart. Packing all this information into 4 hours of instruction is a challenge. Dont settle for the recent adage of "It's good enough". Experence the thrill of being a better photographer and empower yourself over light. All colors depend on light.


     Students are expected to complete photography assignments and be knowledgeble of the previous session befor the start of the next session.


You can expect to save time and money by utilizing the knowledge you gain from these courses. Your work should rival professionals and have the technical expertise utilized by the best of the best. Great photography is the natural result of advanced skills.